Our Philosophy and Mission
Real Japanese Spirits & Tradition we bring to you...
In Spiraea Project, we are supporting the following matters:
  • To assist the Japanese craftsmen;
  • To promote the sales of their prestige products for the guilds; and
  • To fundament the multi-lateral cultural exchanges between Japan and other nations.

Our life style has been changing very quickly in the modern times. We are chasing brand-new-goods and abandoning obsolete traditions, because they seem to be so cool and convenient. We just think traditional goods as out-of-date, because they seem so common and nothing special any more for us. This process is typically seen in Japan. It is a kind of style in our societal development over the history; we import foreign things such as western culture, technology and system from outside of our country, and harmonize them with own, if possible, and then develop them further.

Even a decade or so ago, there used to be more handcraft activities in Japan than in any of the industrial countries. However, through such development process, we sacrificed so many useful traditions and brilliant techniques that had been elaborated over several hundreds years. Through the history, we have learned that it is very difficult to regain traditions we had lost once.

We are doing a very tiny movement at present, but would like to keep introducing our traditional goods beyond the domestic market before they dissapear. We hope our project can support the people who are working on it, living on it, and preserving it.

Ken AOKI (Project Leader)

Ken AOKI (Project Leader)

To tell the truth, I am a forest ecologist.

I love great nature but also authentic culture.

They have a strong interaction between them; great nature embraces great culture, and vice versa. Our real culture will never evolve without great nature.

My ambition, therefore, goes to conserve our great nature and to preserve our real culture for the next generation...

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