Tenugui Prices

Tenugui Prices

Our aim of project is to promote authentic traditional Tenugui to support Japanese guilds and craftsmen (see Our Philosophy >), who have been contributing to maintain our tradition for the next generation. We try to maintain a reasonable price and put discounts on it along with the amount of your purchase (Economies of Scale). The customer, who purchased a large number of Tenugui, has therefore more advantages. Of course, it is also more cost effective for us and environmental friendly. Therefore, we accept the order from 5 pieces*.

From 5 - 10 pieces: JPY 1300 per Tenugui
From 11 - 20 pieces: JPY 1250 per Tenugui
From 21 pieces: JPY 1200 per Tenugui

* JPY 700 for shipping is required per parcel.

To check the current exchange rates, use Google Currency Converter >

How To Order

To order our Tenugui, please submit online your simple order list via Form Mail or Order Form. We will then check the availability of your wished Tenugui patterns in our stock. Before you proceed payment, we will send you an official order confirmation.

  • - You can choose any Tenugui designs.
  • - The size of Tenugui is 37 x 98 cm.

Payment Workflow and Service Policy

  1. We request to use a security payment system via PayPal > (we are a verified firm by PayPal).


  2. PayPal provides payments with:payment.visapayment.mastercardpayment.amexpayment.discoverpayment.bank

  3. We dispatch the parcel with SAL [Surface Air Lifted] service, which will usually take 10-14 days depending on the destination.
  4. We pack max. 40 pieces per parcel to avoid the taxation matter for customer.
  5. We accept payments in PayPal Multiple Currencies by converting prices in Japanese Yen (JPY). The following currencies are available (please confirm with the PayPal web pages): Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, U.S. Dollars, Yen, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Swiss Francs, Hong Kong Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Danish Kroner, Polish Zloty, Norwegian Kroner, Hungarian Forint, and Czech Koruna.
  6. We apply the PayPal Excahange Rates for all payments (see the PayPal web page for further detail).
  7. The indicated product prices are valid for the Tenugui in size with 37 x 98 cm (normal size).
  8. Shipment is proceeded after the confirmation of the payments.
  9. We complete the acceptance of payment in PayPal after the shipment has been completed.
  10. Work flow from order to delivery is as follows: